Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dry lips

How to get rid off dry lips!

Hey my dear readers, I'm here to apologize, I had neglected my blog for a long time. Today I going to teach you girls how to get rid off dry lips! 

A dry lips is always looking ugly.  Also, it never look juicy and Yucks.  Guys will never like a girl with dry lips.   A symptoms of dry lips are include the lips being dry, burning, red and swollen, small cracks, and peeling of the skin on the lips. When dry lips become extremely dry, stretching of the lips may cause large cracks, which may be painful or bleeding. 

What will cause dry lips?
  1. Never drink water regularly 
  2. Licking lips habit

 How to get rid of dry lips?
All you need is Hot towel, plastic wrap(保鲜膜), Vaseline and your favorite lip balm. That's it!

First use hot towel and apply it on your lips for 5 - 10 minute.
This may help you to enlarge your pore. 

I'm waiting the time to pass.
p/s : messy hair, sorry!
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Apply Vaseline on your dry lips. 
Vaseline is my favorite moisturizing lip balm is powerful!

Next,  put plastic wrap on your lip 

Then apply hot towel for 5-10 minute again. 


Your lips will be more moisture and juicy. 

Don't forget to apply lip balm after you done.
To prevent dry lips apply lip balm day and night. 

Vasline is my all time partner when my lips getting dry.
I apply it every night before I sleep. It's give your lips a moisture look and soft. 

Please do let me know after you try it!
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Thanks =D 

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