Monday, May 11, 2015


Jasnailsart started the business on August' 2014.
Firstly, thanks to my parents sponsor me go for nails art course and I graduated last month, 28 of April 2015.
Also, thanks to every of my friend and customer for the support and visit.
Thanks for the good feedback as well.
I will do my best and improve more.

Soon, I will bring in a new product of homemade hand scrub.
You girls could buy it a scent that you like and use it for hand spa section. 
Besides that, when customer have their very own hand scrub bottle I will write down your name and the hand scrub is belongs to them, can keep it at Jasnailsart or bring it back home.
If customer come for the next section you can bring the hand scrub and let us do the hand scrub for you.
We did it this way, is because we want our customer to have their private hand scrub and without sharing with others, this is more hygiene and personal goods.

Lastly, every Jasnailsart customer birthday could enjoy 10% discount on their month. [=

I will update more on the nails design and feedback by others.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You will be missed

Of course the tittle is not about my beloved fur kid had pass away * Ofcoursenot* !
Unfortunately, last post I just story about Aurora had just back from Pom's world owner. Adrian just brought her back and we are happily ever after. But this time is about we going to send her off to another pet lover.

Ok I know you might say AGAIN??
Yes again !
I was on the way to Paradigm with Adrian last few weeks, he told me about Aurora case.
I have the same reaction with everyone too.
But no choice, my house is a condo and my grandpa have a serious asthma so I can't own Aurora.
Otherwise, I could have own her too.
You know I love her so much like treating her like my own kids even she always scratch my hand until bleeding but I know Aurora just wanted to play with me.

Moreover, the reason to send her off this time I bet most of you know I mean some of my friends know.
Due to two reason, because Adrian mom is a baby sitter I think most of you guys know she take care two baby girl. So most of the time she will take care them and also the dogs include Hon hon, the pomeranian.
Somehow, the dogs will poo in the same time and she need to clean it up immediately because the excrement is super smelly.
On the other hand, Adrian mom love to be neat and clean so she cannot bare with the smell and also the dirtiness in the cage so she will clean the cage immediately.
Other reason is because Adrian mom is a Thai so she going back to Thai for quite long, so she couldn't take care of the dogs anymore.
This is why we send Aurora off and soon Hon hon as well.

I shouldn't cry anymore, I should pray Aurora and Hon hon will get the happiness from other owner and I hope they will get a good owner like us. Pamper them like own children. 

Ummm, I think I answer most of your question and I hope this answer will satisfied you.
I know some of you might think that Adrian mom is giving excuse, is NOT ok?
Even I think of that before.
She have to take care the babies as this is her major job in the same time she need to help Adrian her son to take care the dogs.
I hope you guys don't hate me or ask me the same question again.

You might ask is the new owner found?
Yes we find a new owner, he is from Batu pahat, Johor.
He is a husky lover also a animal lover.
This sunday he will all the way from batu pahat come to KL just to bring Aurora back to his house.
I hope he will really love Aurora just like us!
Love her, take care her, pampered her, bring her for a walk and bring her to vet ( If she have anything happen)

Of course I hope he will inform us if Aurora get to find a mate. =D

I really hope that this owner will keep in touch with us.

Because we really love Aurora! 

 Aurora, don't worry !
Even thought, you will go to a new home which super far away from KL.
I know you will miss us very much and don't cry in the first week, because I know you will be cry if you couldn't see us. Don't cry alright? Get used to it with your new owner, they will love you like us.
Don't forget us as well.
Don't forget to eat.
Be a good girl, behave yourself.  

Mummy and daddy always love and miss you !

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Aurora - The Husky

Hello dear blog or readers, this is the story about my new dog Aurora, me and mt boyfriend had just bought a Husky a few month back and now she is 5 months old. Bare with me, this post going to be long. Because lots of my friend been asking me why did you want to swap your dog? I thought you like husky? You don't love her anymore?
NO! It's not ! I do love her !
I'm sorry that I couldnt reply your message or photo comment.
I was kinda moody when my Husky got swap.
So, I going to post about my Husky story today.
Don't judge my English alright? I have grammar mistake. I'm typical Malaysian too. I like speak 'rojak language'. Rojak language here mean I like to talk with mixing language like English, chinese, Malay and cantonese. All mix together.
Pardon me. 

Alright, I going to start with this photo. Adrian love Husky alots. He always talk to me about Husky. ' I want to own a Husky'. Adrian said. ' okay, make sure you own a girl because a male dog is very ham sap (horny).' I said it with a excited way.  Of course at first, I thought my boyfriend was just kidding with me that he want to own a Husky. Because a Husky its really expensive around Rm3k+.  So, I was like thinking ' Impossible my boyfriend will buy it.  After a few day of researching at He finally found it, a breeder that sell cheaper than Rm3k. 

Adrian decided to buy it. I told him before get a female dog. Finally he bought a female dog. The next step, we name her. Last time, I told Adrian I would like to name our first child if our child is girl, than I would like to name her Aurora chong. But Adrian said this name is kinda hard to call. I was like why? Is a nice name, also a Disney princess name, Aurora also represent the light ray at North pole.
But, we haven get married and we are still young long way to go. Haha xD
So, we just name Husky as Aurora. 

She always playful and active. 

She always love to let us pampered her just like a little princess. 

Even, our friends love Aurora too.
Because, once we get Aurora we always post her photo on Facebook even create a page for her. 
Lots of our friends saw it and they wanted to visit her.
Basically, Shermaine and Jay ( the photo above) They are our first friends who visit her. They love Aurora too. 

Aurora love children. By the way, Adrian mom is a Nanny, she take care of two children. 
Both of them never afraid of her at all. 

She melts my heart all the time. I love her until the max.  Whenever I go Adrian house, Aurora will stand by at the windows and waving her tails, like saying Hey Mummy! You are back ! =D
She will always come and lick us just like welcome us back home. 

 But of course, She always a little monster in day time she will be damn active run from the kitchen to living room, bite our fingers. We always scolded her.
Moreover, she will be like a little angel when come to night she will sleep like a log and don't even bother us when we touch her. 
[Aurora, always sleep at Adrian room. She sleep with her own style. Her ugly sleeping style ever] ( Photo above) 

Day by day, month by month. Even though, I didn't live with my boyfriend but I always went to his house for dinner and meet Aurora often.
I treat her like my own child.
Also know as my fur kid.
 But Husky have a disadvantage too, her fur will shed.
Which is not good to the baby that Adrian mom taking care. 
There's one time Adrian want to sell her out. But I stopped him.
I'm definitely not willing to let Aurora go!
So Adrian brought Aurora to a pet shop to shave her fur so his mom wont complain again about the fur shedding. 

  Until than, 
Adrian mom involve taking care Aurora. She take care Aurora more than Adrian. 
She told Adrian, Aurora is hard to take care. Because she is so active and hard to teach her.
The story came, Adrian decided to swap Aurora to a Pomranian. (The photo below)
Adrian did told me he want to swap too. 
But I told not to swap her. 'Imagine a kid we have than swap we other parent?' I said through wechat.
How sad right? I know
Even though, Pom pom is a cute dog.
But we face Aurora more than a new dog we have the feelings too.
Adrian decided to exchange Aurora with Pom's world owner.
We gave him Husky, he gave us Pomeranian. 
I know you might asking why so good can exchange?
Because we always brought Aurora went to Pom's world for grooming and we sign up a course for Aurora to groom, and so, Adrian had have make friends with the Pom's world owner.
This is why we get to swap dog.
Many of my friends know that I need to swap Aurora with Pom.
Well, some of them do not know.
I was so sad last few weeks. Even my friends teach me what to do like convince Adrian or his mom not to sell, take some time, give some patience to train her.
But I listen to their advise and me myself was like all this are useless already. How hard I convince they confirm change the dog.

When we confirm swap Aurora, Aurora was only 4 months old.
She don't even know we swap her.
But we did talk to her.
Aurora be a good girl yaz, behave yourself when you lives in new owner house.
I keep control my tears when I play with her, talk to her, sayang her, hold her and hug her. 

Even, my Boyfriend (Adrian) bet that I will cry.
I told him 'PLEEEASEEE, I won't !'
After dinner, we bring Aurora to Pom's world ( a pet shop that only sell pomeranian)
While on the way to the destination, my tears started burst out when I sitting right beside Aurora at the back seat. She is too innocent she don't even we swap her with other dog she seem happy like we brought her for a walk. ]'=
When we reach, my tears of course burning it out like a waterfall. 
I just don't want Aurora to be sell out.
I have no right to argue in this case because Adrian mom taking her more than me and Adrian.
Even, Adrian mom still love Aurora and reluctantly to sell her out. 
After we put Aurora there, my brain was like thinking is Aurora think that we hate her? Will Aurora think that we abandoned her? Will Aurora sleep well? Will Aurora cry? Will Aurora miss us?
There alot of question mark in my mind?
My brain couldn't function much at that time, it just full with Aurora image. 
Adrian did comfort, he say I cry too much. He said ' You didn't face Aurora everyday, why did you cry so much?'
I said it softly' Because I have feeling for her.'

We name this Pomeranian, Hon hon is a male dog.
2 months old.
I know my eyes are swollen. Pardon me because I cry too much for Aurora.

The next day ( Saturday), I received a wechat message from Adrian.

He said tonight I will go Pom's world.
I reply him rapidly ' I want to go!'
He replied' Would you cry again?'
I reply' I won't I promise.'
He replied ' Don't lie.'
I reply' PLESSE BRING ME GO! After working fetch me !!!'
I was extremely happy, because I am going to meet Aurora. Adrian did send me a photo through wechat, is a screenshot from Pom's world CCTV. Aurora was sat down there quietly.
This make me wanna go meet her !
When the night has come, I quickly prepare myself and waiting Adrian to fetch me after his work.
We went to Pom's world and we brought Hon hon went there.
Aurora wave her tail happily and she extremely happy jump out from the bench and lick us.
The pom's world owner said last night Aurora jump out from the cage and run around my car park and she didn't even sleep.
The pom's world staff even say Aurora didn't pay attention much on other customer, even other customer came and touch her or call her she didn't even want to look at them.

My poor Aurora, she got chain up on that day because the owner say she will jump out from the bench.
I heard Adrian say the pom's world owner father do not like a female dog.
So they decided to sell her out. 

After I heard this news, I told the owner please let me know when you get to sell her out I will like to know.

When Adrian chatting with the owner. I was like playing with Aurora.
She seem so tired when I touch her and comfort her, she close her eyes and let me touch her gently.
my tears burst out again, because she seem so innocent, like being a ball pass here and there

When I back to Adrian home for dinner, Adrian mom saw me crying and Adrian story her about Aurora at Pom's world and the owner house. Adrian mom cry as well.
After dinner, Adrian said he wanted to go bank for awhile.
He than straight away go after dinner and he forget about his cell phone.
Ohhh man !!!! Why did you so careless !

I waiting him at living room thought that he will come back and take his cell phone back.
But, I waited so long he haven come back.
Adrian mom continue crying at the kitchen.

Suddenly, a car light appears.
It's Adrian car !
I quickly open the door and gate for him and I bring along his cell phone.
When the moment I open the gate, My tears burst out and I shout AURORAAA!!!!!!!
I hug her tight and my tears burst out again and again.
I ask Adrian why did you bring her back? Just for today?
Adrian haven answer I quickly carry Aurora to Kitchen and find for Adrian mom.
Adrian mom quickly came out from the toilet with her swollen eyes and hug Aurora tightly.
She than quickly ask Adrian brother set up a cage and let Aurora stay there.

This is a happy ending!


I'm sure you think that this is so Dramatic !
But this is true story.
I will like to blog about it and let everyone of you know, a dog is the only thing on earth that love you more than you love yourself. 

Aurora being so 'teh bao" ( want us to pampered her) after we brought her home the next days. She hug Adrian favorite pillow to sleep.
Apparently, Aurora is 5 months old now. She just 5 months old on last friday.
Her birthday is on 6/01/2014
Just same date as me and Adrian anniversary, our anniversary is on 6/12/2010
Can't wait to our anniversary and Aurora going to turn 11 months on our anniversary. =D

Oh wait! How about Hon hon?
Yes! Adrian bought him too, he is part our family now.
We will love him just like how we love Aurora.
It will be fair. We will never say love Hon hon more than Aurora or love Aurora more than Hon hon.

By the way, both of them still enemy now.
They haven be a friends yet, I bet they will adapt it.
But Hon hon is kinda jealous when we play with Aurora and Aurora will get jealous when we play with Hon hon. But when we put them together. OH NO! The house will be a mess. They will bite each other and Aurora will step Hon hon. Hon hon will sit on Aurora face.

There more to go about my two fur kids.

They make our life more happy.

My advise is think twice when you buy a pet.
dog have feeling too.

They know who they love them more.
Enjoy reading my story.
I hope this story didn't bored you.
Because is kinda long.
Is a memorable story.